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Tripods tricks on a shoe string budget.

Sometimes photography can mean getting creative with not only the picture your going to take but also the equipment you use. How many times have you been caught without a tripod and need just that little more stability? Taking Video and the shot is a little jerky?


You will need:
2-2.5m peice of string.

What to do:
Create a slip knot loop at each end of the string, place one loop over your camera and tighten. I find next to the hand grip is the best location, as central as possible. Now place the other loop over your foot or some other solid object on the ground. Pull the camera “up” so that the string between it and the ground/foot is tight. keeping the string tight you will now notice that the camera does not move around anywhere near as much as it did and you have good stability, probably simmillar to a monopod.

Playing around with the length of the string should allow you to get that perfect viewfinder height. You will find that the string tripod works very well for video.


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