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Morning Colours

Morning Colours by BrendanDavey
Morning Colours, a photo by Brendan Davey on Flickr.

A shot from roaches beach. I really liked the colours, and wanted them to be the main focus, without people looking at the finer detail. Sometimes it is nothing more than the combination of colours that make the difference.

I’m considering printing this on canvas at about 800mm x 800mm for submission into a local art competition. The original picture can be seen in recent posts.

Please contact me if you would like to purchase this print. Printed and professionally stretched price is $995.00 (800mm x 800mm), with either white border or complete image wrap. For further details on printing, please check the portfolio age.

Roaches Beach

Roaches Beach 3 by BrendanDavey
Roaches Beach 3, a photo by BrendanDavey on Flickr.

It’s been a long while since I’ve posed to my blog, and a lots been happening. I’m aiming to get more regular updates and articles up, in the mean time, here is a picture I took last week.

Long exposure with 10 stop, I got the timing just right to capture the clouds when they lit up, 2 mins either side and it would have been rather dull.