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Canon 5D mark 2 and 24fps Video.

Will Canon leave 24fps in a full frame body to the 1Dm4? well heres my opinion.

If Canon releases a 1dm4 with 24fps and the 7D has it, but the 5D does not…. there are going to be a “lot” of very unhappy people in the cine world……

I can see the sense in making the 1dm4 have extra cool stuff like HD live video out while recording, but denying 24fps to existing users is just plain mean. If Canon want to maintain customer loyalty people need to know when they purchase a Canon product they are going to be looked after. If I knew Canon would add, if possible, any features requested by customers within reason, particularly if it’s going to help sell that product, I’d buy Canon every time.

The way I see it people have already invested in the 5Dm2, with other companies like Nikon pushing into the same market, why give people a reason to switch?. The new D700 will almost certainly shoot video, and I bet it wont be 30fps limited. It’s only common sense to keep their current customers happy, knowing eventually they will buy a new camera, and hopefully Canon. It may be a 1dm5 or a 5dm3, but they will eventually have to purchase a new camera for one reason or another…. Good lenses and equipment hold their value, so don’t think for one minute people wont ditch Canon for the next big thing, and a full frame camera that can shoot 24fps is what people want.


Rumor has it that Canan will be releasing a new firmware upgrade for the 5dm2 by the end of this year, with support for 24, 25 and 30 fps. Can’t wait to see how the 24fps performs.

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