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The Trees.

An older picture from Mt Field National Park in Tasmania, converted to highlight the lighting and mood of the forest. In this picture I have re-introduced some of the bark texture.

This brings this series to 4 pictures, which cover in general the four seasons.

$995.00 On Canvas @ 800mm x 800mm, UV and protective coated.


Taken at the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens. All the leaves have just about dropped, and I have no doubt that winter is well on its way.

I was primarily shooting video, and I’m hoping to have a shot video consisting of a few focus pulls onto vimeo or flickr soon.

Just 2 Good.

There is no doubt that Tasmania has some of the best scenery in Australia, Rain forests can be found 20 minites from anywhere in Tasmania.

Just a short drive from Hobart and you can be in Mt Field National Park, Wellington Park or any number of smaller reserves like Myrtle Forest.

This picture was taken about 4 months ago. I love the light filtering through the canopy.

This picture and other rain forest pictures are avaliable from the shop link.

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