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Sunset in NZ

Sunset in NZ #2 by Brendan Davey
Sunset in NZ #2, a photo by Brendan Davey on Flickr.

I have been trying a few artistic modifications on some pictures recently, not all shots work, but I think this one pulls it off quite well, providing the colours from the original photo, but less details, leaving only the mountains and distant treeline as a place to focus your eye upon. Instantly your eyes are drawn to the mountains.

I will be making this one available for purchase, $995 @ 800mm x 800mm on canvas, coated and UV treated.

Lake Waktipu – New Zealand

Lake Wakipu - Queenstown, New Zealand.

The weather over the past few days has been wet and cloudy. So rather that go out to shoot I’ve been playing with Lightroom. I’ve spent some time going back over the past few years to find those shots that are not “keepers”, but very close to see if Lightroom can do some magic to get it over the line.

While in New Zealand last year I took some shots of Lake Waktipu ( Queenstown ). The amount of stars visible is amazing, The above shot would have been perfect with less cloud and maybe an ND Grad over the stars with a slightly longer exposure to bring out the lake and mountains. However Lightroom has done a fairly good job to recover some details.