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Clarence Open Art Comp.

Autumn by Brendan Davey
Autumn, a photo by Brendan Davey on Flickr.

Starting this Tuesday the 17th, two of my works will be on display at The Barn and Schoolhouse Galley, Rosny, next to Eastlands shopping centre.

Until the 9th of August The Clarence Open Art Comp has 270 pieces of artwork on display. all at very reasonable prices, and I would say there would be something for everyone there.

Exhibition – Taste of Asia

Starting from this Sunday afternoon a selection of my work will be on display at the Taste of Asia in North Hobart.

The pictures focus on Tasmanian landscapes, mainly from the local Hobart area. They have all been printed at A1 on canvas, and will be available for purchase. For a preview follow this link through to my Flickr page:


Taste of Asia is located at 358 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart and they also do a very good curry.