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Sydney Harbour Bridge, Broken :(

Sydney Harbour

Recently I flew to Sydney for work and decided to go out and grab some pictures. It was a very warm day and the evening was quite warm resulting in a rather pleasant stroll around the harbour.

I took quite a few long exposure shots, but was very disappointed that critical lights were out on the bridge. (both sides). It seems rather silly that the powers in charge would decide to turn off lights or perform maintenance during a peek tourism time.

Maybe I can send them a few shots and ask for a ticket back in exchange for some promotional pictures. I have loaded quite a few onto flickr, and after printing a few prints, I may add one to the store.

Taking a Risk.

Melbourne @ Night, originally uploaded by Brendan Davey.

I think one of the important things that has worked for me in the past in capturing interesting pictures is the location and sometimes risk I’ve had to place my camera in to get them.

For example the above shot was taken while sitting my camera on the curb (in a bicycle Lane) alongside busy traffic in the middle of Melbourne. In the same outing I also lost a lens hood into the river while precariously balancing my Camera on the edge of a bridge to capture a Melbourne Night Scene.

It can probably be said that a good picture involves risk, something new, something different. So why not use the same philosophy when capturing the picture.

Stick your tripod in the water, use the fact that your camera has weatherproof seals. See your camera as a tool, built to do a job. Your camera is most likely depreciating at a huge rate, so you mite as well get some good use out of it.

Sure don’t take unnecessary risks, but don’t be scared to get a scratch on your camera, after all why do you have your camera?

P.S. Don’t worry Paul, I’m taking real good care of your baby 🙂