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Aqua Blue – Tasmanian East Coast.

Mayfield Bay Beach East Coast Tasmania
Mayfield Bay Beach

Taken about 20 Km’s down the coast from Swansea on the Tasmanian east coast. I love the aqua blues. The water in this bay is amazingly clear. Tasmania is very photogenic.

Mayfield Sunrise

This shot was taken at the Mayfield Bay Coastal Reserve, just south of Swansea on the Tasmanian East Coast.

The outlook from this beach stretches around to The Frecinet National Park.

This shot was taken direct from the Camera with no tripod or filtering. The shot was taken on a 40D Canon Camera. Using the 14bit sensor information I was able to turn this picture into a single shot HDR image.

This image is available for purchase in A3 format from the shop link.

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