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Lorne Sunrise (VIC)

Lorne Sunrise (PP), originally uploaded by BrendanDavey.

I’ve been fairly busy recently, and I’ve only just found time to sit down and start post processing some shots. This is one of the first to get the Photoshop treatment. I think the end result is quite “dreamy”.

This is the first post to my blog via flickr as well. The inbuilt blog feature is quite nice, and will save me a lot of time. So you should start to see more posts here in the future. 🙂

Tessallated Drama

4:19 Soundly asleep.
4:20 Abruptly awoken by alarm.
4:35 Start driving to Eaglehawk Neck for sunrise.
6:00 Arrive at the tessellated pavement, setup equipment.
6:10 Start shooting sunrise.
8:00 Depart.
9:10 Arrive at work.

End result, grumpy, tired and frustrated with nothing more to show than a couple of sepia shots. Why? For some unknown reason all the shots turned out extremely red. From some reason I’m still yet to explain or replicate my new hi-tech filters caused the sky to turn red, resulting in nothing more than b/w usable images. *sigh*

Mayfield Sunrise

This shot was taken at the Mayfield Bay Coastal Reserve, just south of Swansea on the Tasmanian East Coast.

The outlook from this beach stretches around to The Frecinet National Park.

This shot was taken direct from the Camera with no tripod or filtering. The shot was taken on a 40D Canon Camera. Using the 14bit sensor information I was able to turn this picture into a single shot HDR image.

This image is available for purchase in A3 format from the shop link.