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The Boat Shed, East Coast, Tasmania

The Abandoned Boat Shed.
The Abandoned Boat Shed.

Over the next few days I wil upload some pictures taken from a short holiday on the east coast of Tasmania. This first shot was taken about 10km south of swansea, this lone boat shed has weathered a few storms I would say….

Every time I drove past this shed in the past I kept on thinking to myself  “I must shoot that, one day…..”. Well don’t put off what you can do today until tomorrow.

If anyone knows of the history of this shed, I’ll love to hear about it.

Blogging the Great Barrier Reef.

Tessellated Pavement
It’s a shame there looking for someone “out there” for the great barrier reef job:

I would have put in an application if all they wanted was articles, photos, movies and a blog, unforchantly there looking for someone with that TV smile…. *sigh*

At least I can still keep shooting Tasmania, the shot above was taken at the Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck, in the early hours of the morning.

Trees In Morning Light

Trees In Morning Light, originally uploaded by BrendanDavey.

This shot was taken at Taroona near the shot tower in the early morning light. The leaves lit up a nice goldern colour, appearing they they were just about to drop from the trees in Autumn.

Failing to capture anything on Taroona beach due to a rather plain sunrise, this was the best I could do for the day.

I’ve printed this picture out at A3. Looks Great.

Nikon D300 Test Drive

A friend of mine keeps trying to convince me to buy a Nikon. Recently I had the chance to try a D300. (Thanks Paul).

My overall impression is the Nikon has more features, some useful, some not. Quality wise it’s about the same as my old 40D, all though slightly more Megapixels.

I did however notice that Lightroom changed the images a lot more than it would from a picture from the Canon. Not sure why, maybe someone can let me know. (I noticed a similar change from my 300D to the 40D, where the 40D needed less correction).

Being a Canon user I found the Nikon to be fairly unfriendly and not all that intuitive to use, but I’m sure it was just the way it was setup. The lack of the focus / metering Beep was most frustrating.

I just hope with the falling Australian dollar Canon can keep the 5D mark 2 price reasonable. I still have some money invested in Canon glass, and I’d hate to have to defect to Nikon.

I’ve posted a few flower shots on flickr taken from the D300.

Tahune & The Huon

Had a great day in the Huon Valley today, eating apples, bushwalking and photography. Took quite a number of shots (see my flickr link), this was one of the better ones I took on the way home just short of Huonville.

The Tahune Airwalk is about 30 Km’s out of Geeveston, run by Forestry Tasmania. There were lots of tracks, swinging bridges and of course the Airwalk. Personally I found the swinging bridges more interesting than the Airwalk. Overall it’s not a bad day out, and provided the weather is good, it’s great for photography.

I may be adding this picture to my store. Not sure at this stage……

Wellington in Winter

I was suprised to find that there was quite a bit of snow still on the mountain, Mt Wellington is the schenic backdrop to Hobart in Tasmania. Mt Wellington recently had a good dumping of snow, and I thought it was about time to head up from some sunset shots.

The weather had only just cleared over the summit, and it was 50:50 if any good shots were to be had. This is one of the better usable shots I took.

I tooks some other good ones as well, but I have since found out after blowing them up that the Sigma 10-20mm lens and Cokin P series ND grads don’t mix 🙁 

I’ve added this shot to my shop should anyone like a print.

Just 2 Good.

There is no doubt that Tasmania has some of the best scenery in Australia, Rain forests can be found 20 minites from anywhere in Tasmania.

Just a short drive from Hobart and you can be in Mt Field National Park, Wellington Park or any number of smaller reserves like Myrtle Forest.

This picture was taken about 4 months ago. I love the light filtering through the canopy.

This picture and other rain forest pictures are avaliable from the shop link.

Starie Starry Night

I’ve been playing about with long exposures recently, although I haven’t had the time to go out and take some more “formal” shots, I took this one locally recently. It’s a 17 min exposure, f5.6. Unfortunately with the cold weather (winter) the sky was a little hazy, which washed the stars out a little.

As past of my experiments into long exposures it became quite obvious that I needed a few new toys, an external timer and shutter release, which I got cheaply on eBay, and an easy method for calculating the correct exposure length. Solution: I made my own handheld exposure “computer”. Details on this can be found in the Long Exposure Tutorial.

Mayfield Sunrise

This shot was taken at the Mayfield Bay Coastal Reserve, just south of Swansea on the Tasmanian East Coast.

The outlook from this beach stretches around to The Frecinet National Park.

This shot was taken direct from the Camera with no tripod or filtering. The shot was taken on a 40D Canon Camera. Using the 14bit sensor information I was able to turn this picture into a single shot HDR image.

This image is available for purchase in A3 format from the shop link.

Purple Rain

Bellerive beach is located just across the river from Hobart (pictured in the background), it has fantastic rock formations which when combined with the sunset resulted in a wonderful variety of colors and textures.

This is a HDR image created from 3 individual shots, exposure times were long and all shots used a Cokin ND graduated filter. This filters is synonymous with creating wonderful purple skies.

This picture is avaliable for purchase from the shop link.