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Blogging the Great Barrier Reef.

Tessellated Pavement
It’s a shame there looking for someone “out there” for the great barrier reef job:

I would have put in an application if all they wanted was articles, photos, movies and a blog, unforchantly there looking for someone with that TV smile…. *sigh*

At least I can still keep shooting Tasmania, the shot above was taken at the Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck, in the early hours of the morning.

Taroona in Landscape.

Taroona Beach

The 5D mark 2 is working great and with no more “black dots” from the firmware upgrade there is no doubt this camera will give the D700 some good competition.

The only problem I’ve had so far is ungrading just about every bit of harddrive I have. New larger flash cards to support 21MP or 20-25Mb files for each photo, an 8Gb CF card only gets about 260 Shots. I’ve expanded my Storage bringing online another 500Gb of space, so that will probably last the summer 🙂

The shot above is a HDR taken at Taroona.

Canon 5D Mark 2

After being without a camera for over a month I thought I’d never get a 5D mark 2. Trying to track one down was a nightmare. In the end I found one locally at Walch Optics, thanks guys. 🙂

So how does it go? Well so far I could only test in overcast poor lighting, but I must say that the color reproduced is amazing. That coupled with the full use of EF lenses like the 16-35L makes for awsome sharp shots that are actually “wide” with fantastic color and higher ISO’s including ISO 3200 is perfectly usable.

More shots to come over the weekend with some good weather predicted…. 🙂

Waiting for the 5D mark 2

Mt Wellington Rocks in Snow

It’s a good thing I don’t have a camera at the moment, because the weather has been shocking in Hobart over recent weeks. Weeks of overcast skies and rain. Is summer really here?

My 5d Mark 2 is on order and I can’t wait for it to arrive, finally some full frame goodness 🙂 I can’t wait to see the results using the 16-35L to it’s full potential, 24mm on a 1.6x body is just not the same.

The above picture was taken on my old 40D with the 16-35mm L.

I’m expecting big things Mr Canon….

South Arm (Iron Pot)

South Arm - Fort Direction

After living in Tasmania for all my life I shouldn’t be surprised when I stumble onto “new” fantastic locations.

I’d been viewing lighthouses recently on flickr and decided to try shooting the Iron Pot lighthouse, after a quick visit to google maps it appeared the only suitable location from shore to shoot was Fort Direction near South Arm.

During the Second World War Fort Direction was used to monitor the mouth of the Derwent river and protect Hobart. Because there is still a military base located there, the only way to the southern most tip for shooting the Iron Pot is via walking the coast line, about a 30 min walk.

Some of the rocks and foreshore are the most interesting I have seen, with patterns that seem almost impossible to form.

Due to poor weather I don’t think I took any fantastic shots, so I’m waiting for that “magic” weather pattern.

Trees In Morning Light

Trees In Morning Light, originally uploaded by BrendanDavey.

This shot was taken at Taroona near the shot tower in the early morning light. The leaves lit up a nice goldern colour, appearing they they were just about to drop from the trees in Autumn.

Failing to capture anything on Taroona beach due to a rather plain sunrise, this was the best I could do for the day.

I’ve printed this picture out at A3. Looks Great.

Taking a Risk.

Melbourne @ Night, originally uploaded by Brendan Davey.

I think one of the important things that has worked for me in the past in capturing interesting pictures is the location and sometimes risk I’ve had to place my camera in to get them.

For example the above shot was taken while sitting my camera on the curb (in a bicycle Lane) alongside busy traffic in the middle of Melbourne. In the same outing I also lost a lens hood into the river while precariously balancing my Camera on the edge of a bridge to capture a Melbourne Night Scene.

It can probably be said that a good picture involves risk, something new, something different. So why not use the same philosophy when capturing the picture.

Stick your tripod in the water, use the fact that your camera has weatherproof seals. See your camera as a tool, built to do a job. Your camera is most likely depreciating at a huge rate, so you mite as well get some good use out of it.

Sure don’t take unnecessary risks, but don’t be scared to get a scratch on your camera, after all why do you have your camera?

P.S. Don’t worry Paul, I’m taking real good care of your baby 🙂

Nikon D300 Test Drive

A friend of mine keeps trying to convince me to buy a Nikon. Recently I had the chance to try a D300. (Thanks Paul).

My overall impression is the Nikon has more features, some useful, some not. Quality wise it’s about the same as my old 40D, all though slightly more Megapixels.

I did however notice that Lightroom changed the images a lot more than it would from a picture from the Canon. Not sure why, maybe someone can let me know. (I noticed a similar change from my 300D to the 40D, where the 40D needed less correction).

Being a Canon user I found the Nikon to be fairly unfriendly and not all that intuitive to use, but I’m sure it was just the way it was setup. The lack of the focus / metering Beep was most frustrating.

I just hope with the falling Australian dollar Canon can keep the 5D mark 2 price reasonable. I still have some money invested in Canon glass, and I’d hate to have to defect to Nikon.

I’ve posted a few flower shots on flickr taken from the D300.

Lorne Sunrise (VIC)

Lorne Sunrise (PP), originally uploaded by BrendanDavey.

I’ve been fairly busy recently, and I’ve only just found time to sit down and start post processing some shots. This is one of the first to get the Photoshop treatment. I think the end result is quite “dreamy”.

This is the first post to my blog via flickr as well. The inbuilt blog feature is quite nice, and will save me a lot of time. So you should start to see more posts here in the future. 🙂